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Hey what’s up my name is Arthur, welcome to my wakeupnow  review blog post!

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If you landed on this post about the wake up now pyramid scheme

blog post chances are it wasn’t by accident. You’re probably here to

educate yourself more about what you may have been hearing due to

the hype and popularity of wake up now. As humans we all are

skeptical by nature about anything that sounds too good to be true.

Me personally when I first learned about the business I was very

skiptical due to the “hype” involved.  Some people were doing the

extreme and flashing cash recklesly. Also many people were bashing

the opportunity due to spite or ignorance. I took it upon myself to

research and get the answers I needed to solve this wake up now

scam mystery by reaching out to the BBB. I reached out to the Better

Business Berea to get the 411 on wake up now and I learned that

they had an A- rating but not accredited. OK that’s good but not

good enough, my next plan was to call up wake up now to verify the

services they claim to offer. Surprisingly they verified..hmmm ok, let’s

see if I can verify one more thing.  This time I decided to call up some

hotels and resorts to speak with management to see if they’ve done

business with wake up now and what I found out is that they

have! To my surprise after diligent research what I had found out is

wake upnow is 100% legitimate!  Yes, wake up now is legit and

completely compliant with FTC rules and regulations.


For those of you who don’t know, wake up now is a world class vip

saving club that allows members to save more money on things we

already buy.Earning income with Wake Up Now is very simple and I

will keep the explanation simple as well. You will join the business

with a platinum IBO membership ($99.95). Your next goal is to enroll

three platinum IBO referrals into the business will cover your

monthly membership ($99.95) for life! Your platinum membership

comes with all of the amazing benefits listed above. When you help

those three referrals enroll three you then will make $600 monthly

for life! Yes there is a much higher income earning potential. What

makes Wake Up Now even more unique is you are able to team build.

Every IBO in Wake Up Now has a waiting room and it allows you to

place new IBO’s underneath whoever you choose. This is an open

opportunity to create a substantial team build. The bigger your team

grows the bigger your income will grow. Here’s a chart that illustrates

the flexibility of placing IBO’s.

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If you are looking for a honest way of making money wake up now

provides a great business opportunity that works for beginners and

experienced marketers. If you’re new to this network marketing

areana my best advice is to start building a list asap. Your list can

consist of people who are stored in your phone, emails, and social

networks. This is a great way to start building your way up now

business from the ground floor. Wake Up Now is a business that will

require you to have an weekly marketing strategy. By creating a

sticking to a strategy that works best for you will take your business

much farther. Learning and mastering how to generate leads will set

you up for a bright and successful future with Wake Up Now. You

always want to keep your phone, emails, and social networks on blast

with people contacting you about your business. My desire is for you

to market your Wake Up Now business successfuly by sharing

valuable content with people who are searching for your content.

Thank you for taking the time to read my wake up now review.


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